COVID-19 is a viral illness that has affected the globe, cost the lives of many and has created a new way of living for almost everyone. We are living in unprecedented times, a moment in history that should be documented to be remembered for future generations. The small communities and their stories should be told, to show how people are coming together, showing solidarity and are trying to maintain good morale as a community. The people that make up the communities; keyworkers, stay at home heroes should be documented and celebrated as mainstream media will overlook them.

This documentary will follow a series of images focused on the Merseyside village, Garswood and the surrounding area, the community and the people in it. Currently gathering stories, perspectives and information from people and how they are dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, with a plan to exhibit or publish the writing alongside the photography once the virus has passed.

This webpage will be updated with work produced by @goshubox as the pandemic continues. Support the NHS.

There are other artists & designers doing similar projects, documenting the outbreak, or creating work inspired by it - you should check them out.

Ashley Hampson is updating a weekly blog where he is photographing and documenting his household and the local area.

Public Source are building an archive of works that will document a broad array of works from across the world during the COVID-19 outbreak.